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Azienda dinamica in grado di fornire 200 marchi di moduli fotovoltaici, 76 dei quali in stock a prezzi competitivi rispetto il mercato. Consulenza ed installazione di grandi impianti - a partire da 1 MW - Consegne immediate via terra, mare ed aree
- Bressanone (BZ)
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Energy Team Srl has been established in Italy in South Tyrol, to become a company participating in different projects involving renewable energy. Energy Team Srl is proud to be a successful company for the distribution of solar and wind energy products which operates at national and international level following roof-top and open space projects. Energy Team Srl is able to offer Consulting , Projecting, Installation, Maintenance, After Sales, Assistance in photovoltaic sector.

Long lasting experience along with an excellent and strategic partnership represented by a selection of the best suppliers and producers for photovoltaic products enabled the Energy Team Srl to grow up fast and established itself through high professionalism among the most reliable distributors for sustainable solar power plants.

A strong team made by excellent professionals willing to challenge themselves in renewable technologies and promoting solar products at all levels.

Energy Team Srl is born as a fusion of different professionals able to create a customer’s network  represented by wholesaler distributing electrical components and promoting solar products . The company’s target is the photovoltaic supply through an accurate selection of the best available PV manufacturers. As a consequence Energy Team Srl is able to provide turnkey solar plants projects .

Energy Team Srl is focusing its success and quick grow thanks to its know-how which is also based on experiences in construction and maintenance of thermal power plants.

Further Energy Team Srl pursuits its aim to promote photovoltaic solar products, components and systems at national and international level through its network of Consulting Services being in able to provide best arrangements, budgets, perspectives and all related materials proposing project development, project management and running activities.


Energy Team Srl is a specialist distributor of complete solar power systems and components including photovoltaic solar modules, inverters, complete solar power systems and accessories able to provide the right solutions for private and public institutions.



Energy Team Srl through its quick start in solar power plants sector aims at expanding the company in the world market,  especially in developing countries where needs of solar power system employment is demanding and supported by world economical programs. A given example is the actual leading project in Burundi which involves a turnkey solar plant project initially wit 5 Mw expanding to 25 Mw.



Energy Team Srl philosophy is to deliver  custom made solar power plants from the first phase of consulting up to the implementation supporting in each detail strong of its own know-how.

Energy Team Srl
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The ENERGY TEAM Srl. comes  from  the union of three entrepreneurs from the sectors of energy, sales and distributions.


Alfred Faller - first partner




Via Julius Durst 72/B


Direction and technical department
Help Center
Warehouse and Laboratory

T +39 0472/ 835650

F +39 0472 801138

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The company FALLER ELECTRO SRL is a company founded in 1980 as SDF in Electrical

Plants business and transformed in 1984 into a SNC  and in 2008 in SRL, extending its activity range in the field of intelligent buildings and facilities for special buildings, civilian use, banking, industry, etc. and it is owned by Alfred Faller Chief Director being certified as Electrical Engineering.

ELECTRO FALLER ALFRED & CO SRL has total of 15 employees with an establishment.




Electrical Installation:

-          Lighting Technology                                                     -              Medium Voltage Plant

-          Transformer Cabin                                                        -              Switch Cabinet Construction

-          Electronic Control –Bus System                                              -              Alarm Systems

-          Fire Alarm System                                                        -              Time Recording Systems

The above represents the main pillar of the electrical company owned by Alfred Faller involving big public projects as small private ones such as hotels, house complexes, service building sand commercial center included in a condo reality.

Further Alfred Faller along with his 15 employees is steady involved in construction project in all Europe cooperating with the International Company Frener&Reizer. This cooperation brought to well known projects including for instance the Research and Formation Institute EURAC in Bolzano Italy) or projects such as the complex of offices Buerohaus Berliner Bogen in Hamburg or company headquarter like BVH Casale Group in Switzerland.


Air Condition Systems: long lasting cooperation with the franchising company Clima Mio which is the official representative for Mitsbubishi Electric heavy industry in Italy. Official representative in South Tyrol.(Italy)
Thermal Pumps and Storage Heaters: long lasting cooperation with Stiebel Eltron and official representative in South Tyrol (Italy)

Photovoltaic Systems: pioneer technology employed since 1984 realizing photovoltaic systems mainly in the autonomous community of South Tyrol with high support provided by public subventions. Choice of quality product only, such as the worldwide solar modules from Sharp, Mitsubishi and Kyocera, is used. A series of different small solar plants have been projected and realized up to 50kWp. In 2008 the biggest solar power plant in South Tyrol with 240 kWp has been realized.- South Tyrol has a surface of 7.400 km₂, Italy 301.336 km₂ altogether.




Leo Kerschbaumer - second partner




Via Brenner 21 Brennero

39042 Brixen/Bressanone

T +39-0472 836166

F +39-0472 830974

E-Mail it


MITTERRUTZNER BRENNSTOFFE GMBH has total of 5 employees with an establishment.

Partner and legal representative of two companies, one of these operate from more than 90 years in the trade of fuels and heat management and another is in the management of thermal plants and district heating with its thermal power plant. Besides that Leo Kerschbaumer works as the energy consultant for his main company and Energy Team Srl.

His main company started back in 1915 as removal company, transportation and sale of woods and coal. Soon after in the years the company started with burning oil business owning a truck-park. From 1970 the company sold the transportation’s license and since then concentrated in heating oil business. Since 1990 is in charge of different thermal plants and the consequent sale of the produced power. In the mean time the company grew up taking care also of the maintenance of the thermal plants. Further Leo Kerschbaumer signed a contract with the oil company ESSO Italia as an official agent.

In 2003 Leo’s Kerschbaumer company opens the first district heating system near Brixen powered by pellets. The derived power is sold for private and public use.

Leo Kerschbaumer ‘s experience in sustainable energy sector convinced him to enter the ENER-TEAM GmBH in Brixen with a participation of 50% of the ownership for the management and maintenance of the thermal plant.





Giuseppe Melis - third partner


Chief Director specialized in market research who made possible to start photovoltaic business with success since the start of the new company especially in Italy. Very keen to the target of developing the company to a international level spreading business abroad and taking personal care of the contact in China, Brasil and Burundi and try to expanding along with the export department in other developing countries such as Bangladesh and Uganda for instance. Giuseppe Melis goes on the spot to realize how a solar plant can be realized according to the geographical area and its needs.

He is the mind made possible to build a network of different contacts interested in promoting solar plant systems.

Giuseppe Melis is also in charge of the purchase department and thus responsible for the products range choice too and the quality of it; has a know-how in solar system products and is able to recognize every single detail among the 200 different brands he distributes and sells.

Supervising sites along with coordination of labors belongs also to his background.

Keeping in touch with partners and representatives in different countries involved in projects belongs also to his skills.

Responsible also for delivery organization in the smallest detail (package, documents, certificates, etc) and after sales matters.

Further he is an active political coordinator at council level representing an Italian Party - Forza Italia - and maintains political contacts at institutional high level.